Selling Based on Value Vs. Cost

Suppose that you’re considering hiring one of two accountants. The first accountant is fresh out of college and charges $25.00 per hour to prepare your taxes by the book. The second accountant has decades of experience and charges a flat rate of $1,000.00, but he or she is known for saving clients thousands of dollars on their state and federal.

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Why Referrals Are Valuable and How to Get Them

Referral marketing is one of the most effective strategies that businesses – including MSPs – can employ to acquire new customers. Most would-be buyers are seeking referrals and most existing customers are willing to give them, but the connection rarely occurs because most companies fail to ask their existing customers for a referral. 

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3 Tips to Avoid Leaving Money on the Table

by Larry Cobrin 2 November, 2017 Leave Comment
  Managed service providers – or MSPs – often start from humble beginnings. Early on, the focus is on attracting new clients and ensuring that everything is running smoothly. The addition of new clients and employees adds a layer of complexity. For example, clients with older systems configurations may become overly expensive to service,.
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Engineer Salaries and Their Effect on Profitability

by Larry Cobrin 15 August, 2017 Leave Comment

The success of your MSP depends on you balancing three vital areas — the quality of service you provide, the rates you charge your customers, and the salary you pay your engineers. It’s only when those three areas combine perfectly that you can sustain and grow a thriving MSP. In this blog post, we’re going to look specifically at one of these.

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How to Grow Sales (Part 2 – The Value of Being Market Focused)

by Larry Cobrin 1 June, 2017 Leave Comment

It’s us, the metrics folks, coming back to talk to you about sales growth. Why are we talking about this?  Because at the end of the day there are two ways to take home more money: 

  1. Take home more of every dollar you bring in or
  2. Bring in more dollars.
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Why It's Important to Trust Your Numbers.

by Larry Cobrin 8 May, 2017 Leave Comment

At MSPCFO the first thing we do with new clients is review their information. We look for missing wages, abnormal costs in agreements and other pieces of information that don't properly reflect the business. We have been doing this a while so we are pretty good at finding mistakes. You may ask why we do this. Go ahead...ask. We do it because.

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How to Start Using a New Program (AKA Eating an Elephant)

by Larry Cobrin 1 May, 2017 Leave Comment

When we started out at MSPCFO we bought licenses for a well-established CRM which will remain nameless (hint:  it rhymes with Trails Horse).  If any of you know the product, it is awesome in terms of what it can do.  There are many success stories about how people have use it to grow their business.  There are also stories of about how much.

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Should My Reporting Solution Have an ROI?

by Larry Cobrin 25 April, 2017 Leave Comment



You want more? OK.....

This is a question that I think every prospect should consider when considering a reporting a solution.  I would argue that if you have a broad view how to define the return on your investment, you will find the solutions you need to increase your year-end take home.

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What Do You Think When You See a Lower Performing MSP Client?

by Larry Cobrin 19 April, 2017 Leave Comment

I was on an MSPCFO on-boarding call this week with a new client. It was a nice sized company, member of a peer group and had a good amount of managerial oversight (Operations Manager and Finance Manager were on the call). When we showed them the ranking of their clients I heard one of them say “Oh wow!” (might have been “oh my!”, but the point.

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Agreement Additions, Friend, Foe or Just Numbers?

by Larry Cobrin 18 April, 2017 Leave Comment

 Agreement additions, if set up properly, can provide exactly the information you need to create complete transparency for your agreement labor.  Since most agreements have both product (A/V, storage, etc) and labor (remote, proactive) in them, we need to understand how many dollars go to each. Once we know that, we can see if you are pricing.

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